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Although the UK’s health service is recognised as one of the best in the world, there are occasions when the quality of medical care falls below what it should be and what is acceptable. At times it can impact the quality of life of the patient. If you have had to endure a level of care that has left you in pain, with a substandard quality of life or if one of your family has died, then you should seek justice and claim for compensation.

Just one moment’s lost concentration can result in a very serious outcome in the medical world. Doctors and nurses are under a lot of pressure when it comes to their roles in caring for those who are at their most vulnerable and dependent. Just like the rest of us – they are human and are prone to making errors of judgement and having bad days. Sometimes their best is not enough in their professional life.

If you have been impacted by not receiving the quality of care that was due to you, then you may be within your rights to ask for compensation. Perhaps your scarring is physical or even emotional or you may have been affected in other ways. Our team of solicitors is highly skilled at seeking compensation for Clinical Negligence. It is our policy to provide a service that includes consideration, support and a successful outcome for our clients.

We have specialist clinical negligence expertise

If malpractice has affected your life and that of your family or dependents, then we can help. If your situation includes the following then contact us:

  • Condition is diagnosed too late resulting in a more serious illness
  • Condition is diagnosed incorrectly resulting in a more serious illness
  • Condition is not treated correctly, including failure to refer patient to a specialist or prescribing the wrong drugs

The area of law in medical negligence is highly specialised and having a highly experienced legal specialist working for you will almost guarantee your success (as long as your case can be proven).

As part of our process for making a claim, we will advise you on whether it will be necessary to submit a complaint through the NHS Complaints Procedure prior to submitting a claim for compensation. We’ll need to know what happened and we will also need to know how it has affected you. Most of the time people want an explanation as to why they have been put into the position that they are in. They are looking for somebody to issue an apology and others may want to be recompensed for suffering.

The first step to take when it comes to Clinical Negligence cases is to write to those who were involved in the incident. They will need to follow a complaints procedure when they receive your letter. This procedure means that you will be sent a letter in response. If you don’t feel satisfied with the response, then you can ask the local authority to review it.

Why should you choose us over other firms?

As specialists who work in this legal field, we will:

  • Instruct only a highly experienced Clinical Negligence solicitor
  • Fight for you with our experience
  • Secure the maximum compensation available

We offer a No Win No Fee agreement.

What happens next?

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