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Employers are required by law to ensure that their employees are safe and not in danger in the workplace. They are legally responsible for ensuring that accidents and injuries do not occur as a result of negligence at work. Sometimes an employer will fail to step up to their responsibilities and an accident can occur in the workplace. Accidents can range from those with relatively minor outcomes to those that have serious or even fatal consequences.

Claims Made Simple is a legal firm that is dedicated to fighting for the best possible financial outcome when it comes to you being awarded compensation. We have extensive experience and deep knowledge in this field and can give you the specialist support that you need for a successful outcome.

Our solicitors are very skilled at what they do and will ensure you get the best possible treatment and professional service for your accident claim.

How can we help you to make a personal injury compensation claim?

Our experience combined with expertise in this area puts us into the position of being able to get our clients the maximum compensation available. We handle all cases on a No Win No Fee basis and we will provide you with an experienced solicitor and our excellent support.

We believe in speaking jargon-free with our clients, so everything will be discussed clearly and accurately. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best outcome of your claim.

If you have suffered due to someone’s negligence then you may want to seek retribution for pain, suffering and financial loss. We have handled many claims of this nature, some of our recent cases involved:

  • Fractures at work
  • Amputations
  • Neck injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Tripping injuries
  • Lifting injuries
  • Burns, scars and lacerations
  • Falling objects
  • Poor protective equipment
  • Construction accident

Whether your accident was the result of an action or the result of a lack of action, we will provide you with the advice and guidance that you need to get the financial award that you are entitled to.

A typical work accident claim will follow this procedure:

  • Step 1 – Provide us with details about your injuries and how you sustained them
  • Step 2 – One of our solicitors will assess your case and situation and assess if you have grounds to bring a claim
  • Step 3 – We will work with you to collect the documents that you need to prove your case
  • Step 4 – We work to get you the maximum compensation settlement available

The benefits of working with us

  • We will get you the maximum compensation available for your claim
  • We operate on a No Win No Fee basis
  • We are experts in Work Accident / Employers Liability law

How much can you claim?

The value of your claim is dependent on many factors, not limited to:

  • How serious the accident is and the time needed to recover
  • Loss of earnings if you are unable to work
  • Costs incurred from family members taking time to look after you
  • Travel expenses
  • Private medical treatment

In general, the more serious an accident is and the greater the injury sustained, the higher the value of compensation available to you.

What happens next?

To start your claim, complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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We cover Manchester and national claims.

Directors - Jonathan Dwek and Andrew Farley

The Directors of Claims Made Simple are all Solicitors of England and Wales.

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